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Urban drone solutions for Southeast Asia

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Fling: Urban drone solutions
Mobilizing drone technology to build better cities

Fling is a leading drone consulting company that designs custom solutions for clients in Southeast Asia. We work across industries, using our in-depth expertise of drone technology and regulations to solve business challenges and build better cities for tomorrow.

Drone expertise

Our consulting team is a talented group of engineers and software developers with a wealth of commercial, safety, military, aviation and AI expertise.

Applied technology

With head offices in Bangkok, we help our clients across Southeast Asia make use of drone technology to tackle real world problems and improve urban development.

Smart cities that are more sustainable
Better urban living for everyone

Commercial unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are transforming all aspects of city life from package deliveries to law enforcement to civic planning. At Fling, we believe drone technology can unlock a future of possibility that will make urban living better for everyone.

Faster package delivery

Drones help courier companies speed up package deliver over long distances at a fraction of the cost.

Stronger city infrastructure

Drones let regulators conduct remote safety inspections of city infrastructure and construction projects.

Better public safety

Drones equip police and law enforcement with the right tools to enhance public safety and security.

Smarter decision making

Drones provide governments and city planners with real-time data to make more informed decisions.

74% of business leaders have identified Unmanned Aerial Systems as a potential disruptive innovation to their core business.

Goldman Sachs Research


Strategic solutions powered by technology

Fling offers a range of solutions designed to help clients test and validate strategic drone activities that are safe, secure and cost-effective. Here are some of the consulting services we provide:

  • Safety risk assessments
  • Data collection and analysis
  • UTM system delivery
  • Sensor integration
  • Hardware and software evaluation
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Innovation for everyday business challenges

Whether you’re looking to carry out a drone operation or seeking advice about various UAV technologies, Fling works across industries to help clients assess and implement drone solutions that solve business problems. Discover some of the ways our consulting solutions can be applied in the real world.

Drone delivery services

Working with courier companies, office buildings and property developers, Fling can design custom drone solutions to speed up the delivery of packages and food orders across a city.

Risk analysis of drone activities

Using tailor-made software, Fling can help regulators and air traffic managers simulate drone missions in 3D and conduct risk assessments of urban drone operations.

Sensor integration and data collection

Fling is able to custom-mount sensors on drones, working with clients to collect and analyze data about construction projects, building infrastructure, cell phone towers, and more.

Innovative drone showcases

Fling’s team can showcase the power of drone technology for your business by performing live demos, training exercises, or innovative aerial shows for conference events.

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Blog News
Fast track your packages with drone delivery

The future of drone technology is bound to revolutionize package delivery. To help you envision this, the team at Fling has developed an online platform that compares travel times and distances taken by a car and a drone.

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Blog News
Announcing Fling’s New App – “Fly Here”

The “Fly Here – Thailand” mobile app showcases fun locations where drone users can safely and legally fly their drone and take some amazing footage.  Fling’s team has curated a selection of the most picturesque places in Thailand where drones are allowed.

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Key Attributes
Why Work With Fling?


Drone operations expertise

Experienced in unmanned aviation with an ability to conduct drone operations safely within urban environments


Regulatory knowledge

Strong understanding of drone regulations and compliance in Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and the Philippines


Industry partnerships

Trusted relationships with regulatory bodies, government officials and air traffic managers


Member of GUTMA

A full member of the Global Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Traffic Management Association (GUTMA)

Fling Team
Michael CurrieCEO / FOUNDER

Former Executive Director of Artificial Intelligence research group OpenWorm.


Product Manager at Google Cloud.

Bruce Pridmore
Bruce PridmoreANGEL / ADVISER

Former Executive Director of the National Research Council of Canada.

Thomas NatterADVISER

Former Fortune 500 Executive and Aviation Investor.

Blog News
The biggest industry event in Thailand: Drone Forum 2018

The Royal Thai Air Force (RTAF) is hosting the Drone Forum in Bangkok this July.  The event will go into the details of how to fly UAVs safely and legally in today’s legal framework, while offering an exclusive opportunity to hear from the top players in the industry.

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Blog News
Fling team wows judges at Startup Thailand hackathon

Fling participated in Startup Thailand’s exhibitor expo and took home one of the top prizes at the weekend hackathon event for the company’s innovative use of drones and computer vision technology to find and fix problems on transmission power lines.

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Industry Connections
Participation in global industry events
Global UTM Association
Big Bang 2017
Drone World Expo
World ATM Congress
Japan Drone
Supporting the aspirations of young city builders

Our contribution to community development

Fling’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities reflect our commitment to building a better world for tomorrow. In partnership with Chulalongkorn University, our first initiative engaged students in an architecture contest to re-imagine the future of urban transportation with prize money awarded to support the education of aspiring young leaders.

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