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What is Fling?
Mobilizing drone technology to enhance the efficiency of business processes

Fling is a Thai technology company headquartered in Bangkok. We are dedicated to company transformation with the use of drones, IoT sensors, and Fling’s data platform called Fling AI to ensure the higher efficiency of a variety of applications in their business processes such as inspection, preventive maintenance, and logistics. We have conducted drone delivery pilot projects in countries around the world, flown thousands of kilometers supporting inspection and delivery missions, and received the first drone delivery permission in Thailand.

Trusted for Drone Specialization

We make use of advanced drone technology, together with IoT sensors and AI to improve business-process development.

Trusted for Artificial Intelligence Expertise

Our consulting team is a strong talented group of engineers and software developers with a wealth of commercial, safety, military, aviation and AI expertise.

Trusted for Innovation

We are the first company in Thailand that has received permission to operate a drone delivery service. Also, we have catered our services to many domestic and international governments and companies.

Trusted for Data Security

Our client’s data privacy is our utmost concern.We always take the management of their confidential information seriously with care under a strict NDA. (Non Disclosure Agreement)

Services & Capabilities

Fling helps enterprises transform siloed, costly and manual into revenue-generating and autonomous processes by using our drones and our CMMS platform or ‘Fling AI’ to organize their data in the FOUR work areas.

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Warehouse Inspection

Fling-AI can hold inventory processes and staff accountable and safe by flying drones indoors and outdoors.

Transmission Tower Inspection

Fling-AI can identify defects and consolidate information by automatically flying drones to collect and upload data where it can be accessed in real time.

Preventive Maintenance

Using data from IoT sensors, smartphones, and manual input, Fling’s software enables operators to improve equipment life and limit unplanned maintenance activities.

Drone Cargo Delivery

Fling services the last-mile logistics by flying drones to deliver parcels to your customers’ destinations. 

Blog News
Fast track your packages with drone delivery

The future of drone technology is bound to revolutionize package delivery. To help you envision this, the team at Fling has developed an online platform that compares travel times and distances taken by a car and a drone.

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Blog News
Announcing Fling’s New App – “Fly Here”

The “Fly Here – Thailand” mobile app showcases fun locations where drone users can safely and legally fly their drone and take some amazing footage.  Fling’s team has curated a selection of the most picturesque places in Thailand where drones are allowed.

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