Drone Risk Audit Expert Thomas Natter joins Fling’s Board of Advisers

Drone risk expert Thomas Natter has joined Fling’s board of advisers, effective 1 January 2019.  Mr. Natter has experience as a senior executive and consultant in audit and corporate governance in Europe, Mainland China, Australia, Taiwan, Indonesia and India.

Mr. Natter has deep experience in assessing the policies and procedures documentation of large enterprises to improve the risk profile of their drone operations.  He has made freely available the text of his Drone Operations Audit Program at at https://dronemerger.org.

Conducting drone operations safely and in full compliance with regulations can be a daunting challenge for organizations, given both the large domain experience required and the fast-changing global regulatory landscape for unmanned aerial vehicles.

"Bow-Tie" Risk Assessment

“Bow-Tie” Risk Assessment (credit: JARUS)

The global best practice methodology for drone risk assessment has been drafted by the Joint Authorities for Rulemaking on Unmanned Systems (JARUS), a group of experts from the National Aviation Authorities and regional safety organizations. Its purpose is to recommend a single set of technical, safety and operational requirements for the certification and safe integration of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) into airspace and at aerodromes.

Organizations intent on deploying drones to realize their considerable economic benefits must find ways to manage a new and challenging risk profile that may lie far outside their core firm operating risks. For instance, companies must:

  • determine if their drones meet technical standards,
  • ensure their drones are stored, operated, and maintained in a safe manner,
  • properly train their employees,
  • competently assess outside service providers,
  • comply with an ever-evolving body of local and national regulations, and
  • maintain a paper trail proving their compliance and competence with the above.
Thomas Natter

Thomas Natter

Fling is executing projects involving some of the most innovative applications for unmanned aerial technology. To ensure that our clients’ projects follow global best practices, as well as to enhance our ability to perform internal risk assessments, we have partnered with Thomas Natter, an expert on drone safety and risk audits.

JARUS has drafted a set of standards called the Specific Operations Risk Assessment (SORA). Interpreting SORA and applying it to specific drone operations is a challenging task requiring expertise. Mr. Natter has developed techniques for applying SORA in practice to ongoing drone operations in Southeast Asia.

Fling is seeking to make ongoing improvements in the risk profile of its operations and those of its clients, under the guidance of Mr. Natter.

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