Just how fast is drone delivery?

Picture this. You order fried rice and beans for dinner, it’s rush hour, and instead of your food taking an hour to reach you, it arrives in under 10 minutes. Replace the traditional car for a drone, and the possibilities of a new delivery platform in the sky are compelling.

To help you envision this, the team at Fling has developed an online platform that compares travel times and distances taken by a car and a drone. All you have to do is enter your delivery address and watch as the drone outpaces the car by striking multiples.

Furthermore, in cities like Bangkok, traffic jams can become a real hassle, which is why the final calculated travel time considers the traffic levels between the delivery points at the moment of comparison.

Despite only being an online simulation for now, companies such as Amazon or Google are already testing the technology abroad, and Fling is leading the charge here in Southeast Asia. This platform illustrates how we see the cities of tomorrow, and soon hope to bring the idea to life.

Envision a world in which you can order your favorite goods and get them delivered in a blink of a second. Just click on https://fling.asia/v1 and start believing.

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