Announcing Fling’s New App – “Fly Here”

Thailand is full of drone enthusiasts but often people are not sure where it is possible to fly drones safely and legally.  With the release of Fling’s new app, titled “Fly Here – Thailand”, this is set to change.

The “Fly Here – Thailand” mobile app showcases fun locations where drone users can safely and legally fly their drone and take some amazing footage.  Fling’s team has curated a selection of the most picturesque places in Thailand where drones are allowed.

As of 18 July, it’s available for download on the Google Play Store.  It is available on the iPhone App Store later this month.

“We have heard many times from drone users in Thailand who want to fly legally but do not know how.  We made this app so people can feel confident that when they take to the skies they are doing so safely and legally,” said Tanat Suenghataiporn, Project Manager at Fling.

Among the app’s features:

  • An interactive map with a selection of the most beautiful places in Thailand where it is possible to fly a drone.
  • The latest information on restricted areas where drones are not allowed to fly, including both civilian and military restrictions.
  • A comprehensive but succinct summary of relevant drone laws, covering military, aviation, and signal broadcast regulations.
  • The locations of several small airfields open to drone users within the general Bangkok no-fly zone.

The “Fly Here” App’s release was selected by Fling to coincide with two major developments in the Thai drone industry:

  • On 16 July 2018, the Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand (CAAT) made public an online drone portal for fast registration of drones and drone pilots.
  • On 18 July 2018, the Royal Thai Air Force is hosting the first “Drone Forum” gathering of the Thai drone industry.

“We are proud to support the use of this App for all drone users wishing to fly in the Kingdom of Thailand,” said Ken Junyawat, Secretary of the Drone Association of Thailand.   “With it, we hope many more people can safely enjoy the hobby of flying drones.”


About Fling

Fling is a drone services company providing custom software and hardware solutions for firms wishing to innovate their business processes using unmanned aerial systems. Our solutions power some of the most exciting innovations at some of the largest companies in Thailand. Our engineering office is in the heart of the Sathorn business district in Bangkok, Thailand.

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